Striped Bass Fishing on the Hudson River.

Sporting striped bass migrate up the Hudson River to spawn in areas like the Newburgh Bay every spring. This miraculous event takes place starting in mid April and continues through late May. This journey brings literally millions of these ocean travelers right past our dock where we have the privilege of fishing for them. The season is short, but what it lacks in duration, it makes up in intensity. The stripers move up river searching for their spawning grounds while constantly feeding and settle into areas like the Newburgh Bay.

At times the bass are so plentiful that they will black out the sonar screen with their presence. I would like to invite you to come and enjoy a personalized fishing experience with me on the beautiful Hudson River.

The cost is $450.00 including NY state tax for the 5 hour charter. I will supply everything we need to fish. For insurance purposes I am limited to a maximum of 3 anglers per charter. The boat is most comfortable with 2 fishermen on board, but one more or less is certainly workable. I am now booking trips for late April and all of May.

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Our home port is Riverfront Marina, 26 Front Street, Newburgh, NY.

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Great Father’s Day Present

Give dad an early Father’s day present with a May fishing charter. Gift Certificates available.

Free Fishing Registration Requirement

The only thing you need to do to fish with me is to register for free with New York DEC. Please do this before your trip so there will be no delays on the day of your trip.

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Custom Trips

I will be happy to design a trip for you before or after work. Hourly rate is $80.00.

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Retired High School Industrial Arts teacher, swim coach and softball coach. Now a USCG licensed captain and NY State Licensed Fishing Guide. Currently running his striped bass fishing charter business out of Newburgh, NY


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